flux projects - a shared experience of inclusivity


This interactive project explores Wellbeing, Environment & Connectivity issues. The project looks at how visual language can make collective connectivity.

My work sat in a quiet space within the exhibition, that allowed visitors to contemplate the piece. Afterwards, a viewer had the option to write down their reflective thoughts. Each written response was placed into a separate numbered envelope and remained anonymous. The responses were all unique. All the participants had a shared experience and could draw a connection with each other.

The project aimed to explore how visual communication can allow us to connect and share thoughts and experiences. Listed below are a selection of responses. Once read, it is possible to make a connection with a contributor. The artwork evolves from being mine to being ours, a shared experience.

envelope 17C



On the edge of another world….


Break the surface?

envelope 37C

I am immersed

Am I floating? In solitude

Some kind of sensation asks me to walk forward

My physical would stick my feet to the cement my mind running, wading


who’s there?

An echo, beckoning, beguiling, broken

There is no choice, but simply to be

envelope 38C

Where is my focus? Is it my eyes? What am I looking at?

As I move away things are more apparent as my brain flips the image back & forth

And then I can drop ink the simple texture, briefly, but now I know what I can see

envelope 43C


Submerged. Drowning out of water

Repetition, bleak, never-ending, mirror, diminished, clarification

Lost, longing for something dazed, confused, blurred

Close but not close enough

envelope 44C

I love the layers, the focusing in and out

Like two worlds

It's only when I get close that the really sharp bits show

From a distance, the trees are more obvious

It’s like sinking into something

envelope 45C

My eyes kept being drawn to the pockets of clarity and I suppose that’s what I’m trying to find in life too

I would like to thank everyone who participated.

Simon Taylor

Visual Artist